Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dewa Civil Contractors

Dewa Civil Contractor is a small to medium Civil Engineering & Construction company based in Lae. Formed in 2004 by Kepto Zedia, Barnabas Wahawe & Arthure Kot. There are other strong supporters and shareholders who are not mentioned now, who will be recognised later.

The company specializes in footbridge, bridge and road construction and maintenance.

Other business include plant hire, logistics and truck hire and vegetation control, welding and frabrication works.

We have completed maintenance and full construction of major to minor civil engeering and projects of our specialty regardless of size. So far we are employing fultime and part time employment up to 30 employees of various professions who are actively involved in many projects in the Morobe Province.

We are excited as the company is gaining momentum and growth and we would like to thank all our major clients and business partners of their magnificient contribution to these developments. We will repay your efforts in kind in due course and we ask you to maintain your committment and contribution to the changes of the company.

Our Experiences in Footbridge(s) construction:

(1) Saungon Footbridge, YUS LLG, Kabwum District, Morobe Province, was completed in
August 2006
(2) Gecsae Footbridge, YUS LLG, Kabwum District, Morobe Province, was completed in
April, 2007
(3) Bowulon Footbridge, Deyamos LLG, Kabwum District, Morobe Province, was completed in
March, 2008
(4) Yalumet River Footbridge, Deyamos LLG, Kabwum District, Morobe Province, was completed in
February, 2009

Our Experiences in Bridge Maintenance & Construction:

(1) Banny Bridge, Bulolo Highway, Morobe Province. Re-enforcement by concrete construction and gabion basketing, was completed in April, 2010
(2) Gabensis Bridge, Bulolo Highway, Morobe Province. Re-enforcement by concrete construction and gabion basketing was completed January, 2011
(3) DCC is currently engaged in the Bulolo Highway road maintenance.

Our experiences in Logistics:

DCC is currently a contracted delivery agent for UMW Niugini to the Hidden valley Gold Mine in Morobe Province

Our experiences in Welding & Fabrication

DCC has done the welding and fabrication work for Umi bridge along the highlands highway and many others to be named.

Our experience in Vegetation Control:

Between 2006 and 2011, DCC has been a major supplier of vegetation control service to the PNGUOT.

The addition to our team work and contributions, we have unlimited resource and access that may enable us to implement projects efficiently and effectively.

Our Service Lines are

Digicel: 72021577 or 73530641
Postal: P.O. Box 3466, Lae, MP